(Final) #1

Hi all,

Im new to this programe and have no experiance but was wondering if you can tell me how i would get a picture up which i created from scratch so far all i can see is a few objects placed on a grid.


(indigomonkey) #2

Hi Final, and welcome! I’m sorry, I don’t understand you question - couud you rephrase it a bit! :wink:

(OTO) #3

and welcome to the wonderful Blender world

Quick answer: try the F12 key

Long answer( maybe years): Read the docs :slight_smile:


(Fligh) #4

Yes, you need to goto F5 and add a New material and then to F6 and add a New Texture. There you can select the type “Image” and load your pic.


(Alex_G) #5


in the 3d window (the one with the few objects) at the bottom it says “view”
click it, then a menu should come up with an option called background image.

A little window comes up saying Use background image, click it, then click the folder icon next to Image: then locate your file and click “select image”

(Eleaf) #6

haha… He may be asking how to render as well… lol.

Again that would be F12

(crow) #7

next lets point him to tutorials that are 5 years old, and tell him to have fun heehee heehee