Hi all,

Im new to this programe and have no experiance but was wondering if you can tell me how i would get a picture up which i created from scratch so far all i can see is a few objects placed on a grid.


Hi Final, and welcome! I’m sorry, I don’t understand you question - couud you rephrase it a bit! :wink:

and welcome to the wonderful Blender world

Quick answer: try the F12 key

Long answer( maybe years): Read the docs :slight_smile:


Yes, you need to goto F5 and add a New material and then to F6 and add a New Texture. There you can select the type “Image” and load your pic.



in the 3d window (the one with the few objects) at the bottom it says “view”
click it, then a menu should come up with an option called background image.

A little window comes up saying Use background image, click it, then click the folder icon next to Image: then locate your file and click “select image”

haha… He may be asking how to render as well… lol.

Again that would be F12

next lets point him to tutorials that are 5 years old, and tell him to have fun heehee heehee