I have a blueprint of car i want to module how to set it up in blender anyone know. Thanks for reply.

Try this link I found by searching the forums for “blueprint”.

It always helps to search the forums before posting. Hope you figure it out.

There is a sticky thread at the top of wip forum, [newbie workshop], you can find details of how to use blueprints on there and other usefull stuff .

Thank you i have one more question when i split the screen how to make each screen independent i looked in here but didn’t find it anyone know plz.

Anyone know how to make each screen i split work separate from other.

possibly change the layer on the different window?

although it’s not technically independant

Don’t know what you mean by changing layrer i am stuck with this

blender driving me crazy.

well what do you actually want? I don’t understand the question.

Help us to help you.


I just need help how to make the each screen don’t interfere with other screen like 3d cursor when i move it from screen 1 screen 2 crusor move too i don’t want that.

The cursor and everything else will move in all screens as every thing is the same, just viewed from a differant position. for example if you move something along the x axis in a xz view it will also be seen to move in the x axis in a xy view.

Yes, it is a bit misleading. Even in Screens they are not real screens like in a 2D app, they are just configurations of Views and Windows. Unlike 2D apps, whichever View you use (Top Front Side) you are still viewing the spatial setup in 3D and so the 3DCursor is used as the (primary) reference point. If you use 2 (or more) Scenes then the 3D cursor will be independant in each of the, but then so will the Objects.