Everytime I put dynamic physics settings on any object, they all start bouncing around in the game, no matter what the size of the bounding box, and it really annoying.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem? Also how do I save my games as .exe spo I can play them outside of blender?

Help would be much appreciated

to solve the first problem all you have to do is add a material to the object that has the dynamic and one to the floor that its on, and the second just go into file and click on save runtime, but to make it work outside of blender you also need the python23.dll and the SDL.dll which is in the blender folder

Yo redteam_spartan Downlaod that example I Made Not Quite Long Ago It Will Clear Things Up { For The Bouncing Thingโ€™s :

And for you to save your games as .exe you need to go to file Save Runtime and look for the location your going to save it and save it and wala you got an exe but also you need the dll { SDL.dll } , and { python23.dll }

you can find thoses dlls in the blender file :
But just for fun here is a link to downlaod the dlls :
and by the way you need the dll files in the same folder where your exe is :wink: