Well, hello all. This first post and I am new to this blender thing. I want to learn how to animate and make games. Please anyone, teach me. I am quite blur after seeing the tutorial. :expressionless:

Do this quick exercise first:

When you get to the part where it says to select vertices and it only selects those in front hit Z so it can select those behind too.


Oohhh ok thx. %|

lots of stuff here on the wiki book

I don’t think anyone can just tell you how to make games or animations, there’s a lot of stuff you have to know first. I’m still pretty new, but I decided to step my way up to that stuff, watched something like 12 videos and did a bunch of exercise tutorials, and I know I’m still a ways from doing any fancy stuff like that.

I’m about to start the animation guide that was linked here - but I know once I’m done with it I’ll still be struggling with animation for a while.

Simply put: There’s a reason most people get a degree in this shit.

I try my best to learn all the basic things about blender