help!!! (____)

im modelling cloth and other things and i was wondering if i could change something so that when im modeling the objects do not go throught each other, instead they form arount or just stop when a face of one object comes in contact with another.

no simple solution to that as of yet. you pretty much have to do it by hand, and using proportional edit mode.

You could use deflection, but to achieve the effect your meshes must be subdivided many times. The more faces you have the better the cloth will look, but it will also need more memory.

im trying to make the cloth strart out at a reasting point just tuching the material but not going throught it so i dont have to wayst memory trying to get the material to rest
if that option isnt already ing blender im going to request that to be added

cloth modifier is already being worked on which may solve the problem your having