I have been at this all night! I am a real noob, and just don’t get how to get a frame jump (or whatever its actually called) out of my animation. I am working my way through the “Intro To Character Animation” tutorial thingy but it doesn’t go over this. The walk cycle starts on frame 1 and ends on frame 21. So when looping in the NLA window it plays frame 21 then frame 1. These frames are exactly the same. This causes virtually the same frame to play twice, when the rest of the frames are only playing one time. Which causes a noticeable jump in the cycle. It doesn’t look good at all. How do I get rid of this? I have tried ending the “Action End” in the transform properties of the NLA editor, but that just shortens the 21 frames to 20. Leaving the problem exactly the same, just faster. “Strip End” in the same menu, does the same thing. Any advice? Please help, I don’t get how to do this. Thank you.

P.S. How do you get changes in the NLA editor to not effect the action editor? I think this might solve this and similar problems but I am not sure. What I mean is when you adjust the bar in the NLA editor it also changes the action editor. Can I get this to stop? And if so, How? Thank you again.

P.P.S. While waiting for a response I tried something different. If I set repeat to a number and set the length of the bar to that number minus one, it seams to not deform the keys in the action editor. why is this? Is it a good way to get around the problem? Will complications arise later if I keep this up? Is there a way to avoid all this mess by making the NLA editor not effect the action editor? Am I making any sense? Please Help. And thank you for taking the time to read this long and confusing question with its post and post post scrips.

I’ve been having a similar problem when animating the hands of a clock. I defined an action for the minute hand from frames 1-61, and in the NLA editor, I selected, “Action End: 60.00” in the transform properties, and I had it repeat 12 times. Though all frames around 61 are noticably different from each other, the minute hand does clearly move slower around frame 61 than around other frames.

Here are a couple of suggestions. The sleazey way would be to just overlap the action strips by 1 frame.
The other way would be to edit the action strip itself. Move to the second to last frame of the strip in the action editor, and create a key frame one frame before the end. Then delete the keyframe at the end of the action strip. Your cycle will have only the frames needed then. Played one after another, the strips should play smoothly. A note of warning, be sure that the animation is playing at the speed you want before trimming a frame from the cycle. If you try to stretch or compress the time for the cycle, you will notice a hesitation at that point.

Thank You that worked out great!!! You guys are awesome!!!

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I am still working my way through the “Intro to character animation” tutorial thing, and am on the last part, but I cant get how to get the body mesh or “plane” (as it is called) to be its own column in the NLA editor thing. You know how the armature has a thing in the NLA so you can control it. How do you get that for the body? Please help, and thank you for all you’ve done for me you have been great.

I had the same problem. in the tutorial on pg. 177 (if you are using the PDF) where it says you should have the mesh in the NLA editor and you need to convert the shape into an NLA strip, skip that part and start where it says to open the IPO curve editor. The mesh (Plane) won’t show up in the NLA editor until you do the next few steps (change IPO type to shape and click the little icon next to the IPO type (this step is on pg. 178 of the tutorial). Once you do that the mesh will appear in the NLA and you can go back and change the shape into an NLA strip.

OK, I just noticed that the last post before mine is about half a year old. I probably should have checked that first. I hope you got past that problem by now.

That is not the post date that is the join date. I actually did not have the thing done yet and am great full for your help. Thank you. I will go try it now.

Yep that worked great! You guys rock! Never have I been to a better forum! This is awesome! Thank you very much!

Hi, Its me… I cant seem to figure out how to get tutorials to work. I am still in intro to character animation and this time I only made it a paragraph before getting stuck. sorry for bugging you so much. I will try to be brief. When I try to add the new Blink action in the action editor it still has the old settings of the last action. Which are now not editable. Its like whatever i did to get the hello world part to work changed the way the action editor works. so now i don’t now how to use it. any advice?