I need some serious help…

I was experimenting with Blender and its animation function… When the scene and path was made I safed (of course) and then I decided to render the animation which contains 750 frames or 30 seconds…

Now my problem is… It took Blender more than 12 hours to render 325 frames… You see what I mean…

Does anyone know a way to decrease that rendering time???

What settings do you have on. anti aliasing can be turned down a bit - it reduces render times quite a bit but also reduces the quality too (it’s under the header OSA in render panels.

Reduce subsurfing if there is any. With animation especially you don’t notice as much if there is one less level of sub surf.

Textures - Anything like bump mappin (norm), or displacement takes a lot of power too, if these are not a vital part you might want to turn them off.

Reduce the render size - Again this reduces the quality a bit (lower res picture) but I find with animations there’s not much point going above 640 x 480

Raytracing - If there’s stuff which materials use ray transparent or ray mirror and could do without you might want to turn them off. Ray tracing adds a lot of render time.

Finally there is a tab in the render buttons which when you put your mouse over should say - Octree Resolution for ray tracing, I’m not entirely sure how this helps but maybe try fiddling with the settings

I’ve come across long rendering times too, try fiddling with buttons and see whether it reduces or increases render times

Thnx, but my animation is a canyon… so bump maps are really important here and all the rest is allready low (OSA: 5, Ray: 64)… I don’t have any subsurf only some smooth object s (the sky, ground and water)…

having the ray mirror depth set too high can also cause long render times. also radiosity can add significantly to render times. I noticed SSS can take awhile to calculate too. this is really a question for one of the help subforums though.
(edit) also, if Ambient Occlusion is set to too many samples.

I know but it also is a WIP (LOL)

disable everything that is not nesoserry untill you are redy to do the final render. render out every 20(ish) frames if you are checking lighting rigs or matirials

Sighs Thank you all… But I guess I will stay with still images… Sighs