Hello Guys,

Ive been experimenting with the blender game engine for quite a while now, and I made a simple game, which is like pong. Instead its 3D and you use cubes.

Now, I want to move up a level.

I wish just to model a simple car. Like something along the lines of the car in the Meqon Demos SDK. Just a few cubes and four cylinders.

Now my question is, How would I start. I dont have a problem replicating the Car, Its just the movment.

Im not too fussed about the wheels realigning when ive finished turning, I just want something simple.


have a look at this physics demo at
Download the … file ( I think that link won’t work) and try the vehicle demo

Thanks LarryBoy,
Im just looking throught the demo .blend files, and I think I now grasp the basic concept. The link did work aswell.

Thanks Again!