I need help with a mac version of blender , I have an imac and I install blender and when I try to run blender it brings it up but I can’t do anything after bringing it up it freezes the entire computer up I don’t know what to do I installed both versions neither works I try to change the colors nothing I installed the latest python nothing I really don’t know what to do heck I let it set there for a while it just sat there froze.

Ps: sorry to post it here but i dont where else to post it
also would you exscuse my hand writing skills im not good with writing

Only other thing I can think of is openGL, but I don’t know anything about that, except that its how blender has your computer “draw” the screen.

I couldn’t find an open gl to download so I decided to upgrade to leopard and somehow it fixed it , weird. :eyebrowlift2:
Thanks for your help