i have a problem, i saved my project and went away, came back a while later and opened it
but i try to add an object to it and it dosn’t show up, how come?! i also tryed adding different objects and they still don’t show up!
if anbody knows could they let me know?
thanks in advance!

Objects are added at the 3D Cursor; can you see your Cursor? Try hitting Numpad-Slash.


thanks, that was the problem, but now the object is way off in 3d space somewhere and i can’t get it back to the main model!

i guess my question is how do you get the 3d cursor back to the main model?

Leftclick on the model.


no still dosn’t work, it’s way off still.

wait i can get i back, but it shoots away when i try to add an object! arrgghh!!

Select your model, tab into edit mode, right click a vertice where you want to place your cursor, then Shift-S to open the snap dialog. Choose ‘cursor to selection’ , then tab into object mode and deselect the model before adding your new object where the 3d cursor lies.

That dosn’t work either it just stretches the vertice way off again.
well i guess it’s hopeless.

Are you working on separate objects, or meshes that have been added together in edit mode? There is no reason for an object to change when being snapped to cursor unless yuo are performing a snap to cursor in edit mode with a single vertice selected, causing the vert to be the only thing moved.

  1. Select the model to be snapped to in Object mode
  2. Tab into Edit mode for that object
  3. Select a single edge or vertice where you want to align the cursor
  4. Shift-S to bring up the dialog, choose ‘Cursor->Selection’
  5. Tab into Object mode and deselect the model
  6. Select the object needing to be placed at the cursor
  7. Shift-S to ‘Selection -> Cursor’

That should get you where you need to be.
Also, about left click placement - switch to top view num pad 7 and Shift-S to choose ‘Cursor -> Grid’, and that will allow you to place the cursor aligned to the XY planar grid.

Thank you so much! it finally worked!