does any1 know of any other tutorials like this one…that r a lil more easy? this one just confusses mee!!

i no i have like 3 threads of stupied stuff… like a game…i no ill never get it to…and just other dumb stuff… ireally plan to stick with this

Although it’s hard, I really encourage you to stick with this. That tutorial is GREAT and you will learn a huge amount from it. It covers the basics of all the main aspects of Blender, the interface, modeling, animation, and even shape keys and sound.

I took this tutorial after I had been using Blender for a while, and I still learned a ton, the importance of edge-loops and a clean mesh, most notably. I learned a ton of hotkeys while I was at it.

If there’s a particular part you’re having trouble on, go ahead and tell us, and we can help you out, perhaps even edit the wiki.

Just keep trying!

ok welll i get back to u…i have to go to school =(

OK i need help with the face… like i dont get how he makes it look like a head… (its on the 1st page when u open the link from this thread)…

I may be able to help you.What specific step are you having a problem with when it comes to extruding the face.
after finishing the ,‘creating the mouth’ section of the tutorial. Its basically just a series of extrudes that come out gradually from behind the mouth then reshaped to form somewhat of a half of a circle shape.

i can get up to the part with all the extruting… like make the baisic shape… i cant do that