I have made 2 games and i have tryed to create many more…But i quited…:rolleyes:
The most common problem was that i can’t see the inside of a building,(example1:box-I can see the first 2 faces but the last 2 are hidden;example2:box-i can only see the last 2 faces):spin:

How can i fix this problem?Cuz it’s always getting in my way!:frowning:

The orientation of the normal tells you which side of a face is visible. To see the normal, select the building, go to edit mode, and select Draw Normal in Mesh Tool 1. You may want to increase the length of the normal with NSize parameter.
If the normal of a face is not in the right direction, select the face and flip the normal with W, O.
If you have a building that must be seen the same from outside and inside, set the face both sided: select object, go to UV face select mode, select all faces with a, in Texture face, select Twoside and click on Copy DrawMode.
If your building must look different from the inside than from the outside, you must have different faces for the inside and check the normal directions.
Hope this helps

However, if the walls need to have different images for the outside and inside, then you need two walls, and inside and outside.

can try to do a ctrl + n.