Hello there.I am quite new to blender.I have created my first 3d object,but now when I had a new mesh object,the object dosnt appear,and the shapes I have already made wont scale.

Many Thanks.

Sorry i don’t know how to help you with this, but
I sent you a message, check it out if you need help later!
Click on “private messages” on the top of the page , in case you didn’t know.

Selected objects can be hidden by accidentally typing h. Alt+h unhides them. Unselected objects can be accidentally hidden by typing /. typing / again unhides them. (this switches from global view to local view–selected object only-- and back again.) Don’t know what to tell you about the scaling thing. The only reason for something not to scale is if it’s not selected.

You new object may be smaller then the pervious object. May be it is inside the previous object. Change the position of the previous object and you may see the new object. Press G and use mouse the change the object position. You can use outliner window also to see which object you are actually moving.