i attached a picture. when i press P my car showing other part of the car.
How i can solve this problem?
Thank you


try clicking control-n

It appears to be the sorting bug…(?) What version of blender are you using?

i tried ctrl+n but nothing using 2.46 version

oh well ctrl-n just flips the normals out so there not invisible so I guess it could be a bug

anybody know? camera settings?

same problem. can anybody help me?


yenitaktak.blend (159 KB)

Make sure that the faces are set to “opaque”. Select all faces in edit mode, buttons window > F9 > “Texture Face” tab > select one face and click “opaque” and then select all and hit copy (check afterward). You should also remember to pack your textures when you send files. I don’t think you intended your truck to be all pink.

Where is copy button? Did you mean ctrl+c ?

Thank you J09.
i made with ctrl + c and active transp.
i want to make a racing game. This opaque selection will make problem or is it only about uv image or texture?

You’re welcome.

I heard it just can create problems when you have .pngs with an alpha channel.