Ok so I downloaded this file of this moving cube thing because I didnt Know how to move an object with armatures. I copied exsactly what they did AND IT STILL DOSENT WORK!!!
Please reply


animationhold2.blend (147 KB)

Yea I made this file. You should do a little research before posting. There are countless examples and tutorials on how to make animations in the game engine.

Anyways, you have to parent your object to the armerature…not the object. You have to create vertex groups and make a animation in pose mode.

Then you could do the logic brick sequence.

how do I make vertex groups?

Okay I added a vertex group and it still wont work


animationhold2.blend (148 KB)

When you parent the object to the armerature, it gives you the option: parent to object or armerature. Pick armerature, then click name groups. In the objects edting mode, click add vertex group. And assign the different vertices to different bones. Seriously though this is why we invented the Search feature. There are many rigging tutorials on the main site as well.


i’m watching your threads for a while now and im wondering if you really READ the replies you get. Some days ago, you posted a .blend with the zombie you made. You complained, that the zombie wouldn’t move and stuff. i spent some time to fix some of the main issues in the blend and uploaded it for you. Follow this link to download it:

if you press p, the zombie moves like defined in the bill-action. i’m sure, it would be helpfull for you to study the file to learn how it’s done. Maybe do some tutorials, learing by doing is the best way to understand blender imo.