ok i have like three problems.

1: when i set an object to convux hull blender crashes.

2: how can i swap weapons in a THIRD PERSON game.

3: how to make an enemy ai

  1. Post blend
  2. Use search
  3. Use search

dude every blender object that i put convux hull and i hit “p” then it crashes.

and Use Search what search

  1. For us to know why it’s crashing, we need to know if it’s just your computer or if it crashes on ours too. So make a blend file, save it, see if it crashes when you hit play, and if it does, post the blend file. That’s easy.

  2. Switching weapons is a bit complicated, and it’s been discussed on this forum thousands of times. “Use search” means put some freaking effort in and use the search feature of the forums.

  3. See 2. AI is not simple, and explaining it to you would be the same as doing it for you. There are, once again, THOUSANDS of posts on that. Figure it out, the answers are out there.

Ok well i will get you a blend file but i am grounded from computer today (i am use iphone)
and i am pretty sure its not my computer because i hace an 6gb ram 64 bit vista with brand new graphics card.
But if it is i will try every thing

Complete crashes are not limited to old hardware. For AI there are two good threads in resources, one by chaser on pathfinding and one by slukas… And there is one with only logic brick I think.

well my mom let me off so here the file.

heres crash .blend

here .blend

heres .blend

for some reason it wont let me post the .blend

You probably need a post count of 10 to 15 first…

ok heres the .blend


untitled.blend (135 KB)

What blender version are you running?
(the file doesn’t crash for me. :no:)

The file also doesn’t crash for me…

A few things:

Try and reinstall blender, and make sure you install the newest version (as in go to and redownload the install file).

Try updating your graphics card drivers(shouldn’t do anything… but who knows, Blender is weird sometimes). If you have an nvidia card, get it from, if it’s ATI then go to

Make sure you install Python (either 2.5 or 2.6). You can get it from Once again… this shouldn’t cause a problem, but who knows.


ok i will but i got the zip version last time does it madder

It shouldn’t. The installer does have a section where it checks for some dlls, but if those dlls were not present, then blender wouldn’t run at all. I have run blender many times out of the .zip directory without problems (and was notified of a missing dll when blender wouldn’t run the first time). I think the same goes for python stuff (it doesn’t matter).

well now the convux hull is working but the python is now not working