im extremely new to any things like blender. i am eager to try to use blender but im clueless…ive looked for tutorials but they skip over parts or they are for earlyer versions…im particularly frustrated because when im trying to use tutorials like make a snowman or high-tech coridor, they all use earlyer versions, and when i try to do it with the newest version, i get only 2 or 3 steps into it before i have to switch to 3d mode i guess ?
when i start i can only see one side of somthing. then they do somthin so fast and there looking at it from angle so they can see something from a different angle. i cant seem to find it !:mad::(:confused:
ive tryed to do stuff like this many times in the past, but i get frustrated when the things that are supposed to help actually make me more confused.
please help =’[

My suggestion, slow waaaaaaay doooowwwwnnnn. Blender is unlike any other software package you have ever tried. In fact it is probably 10 times harder than any other piece of software you have ever used. This is because you can use it to do anything. Anything and everything you have ever seen, movie, picture, video game, or sometimes almost real life, can be reproduced in blender. Don’t expect to just “hop in”. It takes a serious commitment and patience. I’ll help you if you like, just start slow, set a simple goal, like lets make a cube dance or lets model an airplane, and set out to accomplish your mission.

Not sure exactly what you’re after here. The Numpad 1, 3 and 7 keys bring you to front, side and top view. Numpad 5 switches between orthographic and perspective and Numpad 0 gets you to the camera view.

I can’t tell what it is that you’re having trouble with, so perhaps it’d be easier if you linked to a tutorial and specify what part exactly it is you can’t follow?

I agree with Noobie. Blender’s learning curve is quite steep, so dont expect to produce eyecandy models or dazling animations within a day or so!
Start at the beginning and try to master the interface before you go ahead with modeling or anything else.
I started with the Wiki book: “Blender 3D: Noob to Pro” ( ) and went on from there. Once you get the hang of it you will see that Blenders interface is not so hard to understand or use, it just takes some time!
Of course there are lots of other tutorials you can use. Just look at the tutorial section on this forum, search for video tutorials on Youtube or just Google for Blender and you will find tons of tut’s.

Good luck!!

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