ok i’m new to this site and all and i really didn’t know where to start this thread so i put it here. sorry if that’s wrong :frowning: anyways, my problem is that i have blender 2.49 and I recently un-installed it and then installed it again for personal reasons. before i uninstalled it, i had all the import options like 3ds, collada, etc. but now it only has 3 import options: VRML 1.0, DXF, and STL. and there are NO import/export options in the scripts window either. i don’t know how to get those options back! please help!!!


Does this thread help ?

yes, that does. thank you very much! I will try to fix it based on that thread.

actually i just reinstalled it and it works perfectly.
thanks for the link!!! you deserve and A++++++++!!!