I am hoping this is a simple fix. I ran my first render with blender. It took more than 18 hours. When finished, I did not receive any indication that I needed to save it or take any action. Now I can’t find the finished render/animation. I have tried searching for files created today and yesterday, but no joy. I was able to click on an icon to show the animation, and it did display in a small window, but did not include all of the elements.

Can someone help a newb out and tell me how I find the rendered file? For the life of me, I don’t remember if I directed it to be saved in a specific location, and can’t seem to get Blender to show me what folder it might be hiding in.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Jeff C

If you use standard settings blender save all 5 minutes two backup files called xyz.blend1 and xyz.blend2. if blender chrash or closed before last saving it safe a 98278a9.blend in the temp folder.
Search for *.blend and *.blend1 or 2 in your system including hidden files and folders.

Cheers, mib.