I’m having a nit of trouble using Blender.
When I grab an object, a circle appears around that object. When I move that object, anything within the circle moves with the the object that i selected in the first place.

What am I doing wrong?
Could any one help me?


You have probably activated proportional editing by mistake…

btw. Please post in the correct forum category, this is not “Latest News”

Toggle on/off proportional edit with the button on the 3d view header or keyboard shortcut O


I’m still new to Blender and this forum and i am sorry for any inconvenience i may have caused.
Thank you for helping me.

And sorry you should be. As punishment you are sentenced to learn all there is about Proportional Editing and then do something totally crazy with it (hint: rotating meshes is fun with it.)

It’s a cool feature, have fun (:


That’s what these support forums are for. Users helping out other blender users.

I must assume that Gustav was making some sort of joke.