Hi, so I was making a submarine and I made the body and when I added a second cylinder that I was going to use for the periscope with selected my body as well so I can’t do anything to my cylinder without it doing it to the body as well… How do I get it to not select the body as well? I’m sure I pressed something or did something to make it do this but I can’t figure it out…

Any help or suggestions are appreaciated.
Thank you for taking your time to read this.

You probably have the periscope/cylinder as part of the same object as the submarine… select the submarine in object mode, press tab to go into edit mode, then select a vertex that is a part of the periscope, then press Shift + L to select all of that mesh, then press P and select separate from selection.

That will give you two separate objects, one for the periscope and one for the submarine.

  1. There’s a support section in this forum you know. Highlighted with a big orange header.
  2. We’re not clairvoyant, if you can’t figure it out, without the .blend, we can’t either.
  3. Read this:
  4. Your meshes are probably part of a single object. Tab to enter edit mode, select only cylinder, P-key to separate. Note this is just a wild guess. The problem could be something else entirely.

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