i am a mouse


To your Problem:
It could be that a syntax error stops all from working.
I would guess in start() where there is a space between “bullet” and “[‘active’] = True”
But thats just a guess.
You could try to make a new Setup in the same blend that does nothing but prints alot of “a” just to test if
your blender python is not corrupt.
I think thats all i can help you with because your code looks ok to me.

Other than that i would like to give you some hints about your presentation:
While pictures show more than a thausand words, it is still good style to write
down what someone can expect from the Link and describe what the problem is in detail.
Your voice is absolutly fitting for recordings, just keep it more “linear”+calm instead of funny.

I hope i could help you in one way or another.

greets Equal

“print” is just the name of a method and shouldn’t change color like other syntactical words such as “and,” “del,” “pass,” etc. Does it actually get called when you run your game? You didn’t show that in your video.

I’m not to good with python or the bge, but in your script you’re trying to change the bullet’s activate property right? if so according to your video it doesn’t have any boolean properties. So maybe that’s one problem? I’m not sure though, hopefully someone else with more experience can help