I have a interesting problem here that needs some help :slight_smile:

I need to use Vector P1 (position) and P2 to get slope to set P1.5 to move a biezer curve

so for down hill, the step needs a lower Z position of P1.5, where as up hill or stairs etc, requires you to move P1.5 up,

Can some one help me figure out where to start? I can get rise/run to get slope, but then what should I multiply it by so walking uphill raises P1.5, and more steep downhill lowers it?

Has anyone ever made a physical robot style walker…? that can walk stairs etc? slopes?

you mean this?

(from 0:25)

no, that appears to use the face normal or an armature, and does not actually change the step curves, just the hip angle it looks, though I am not sure,

alright, I have the Ik object, and the target foot position, all I have to do, is find points beetween p1 and p2 by moving the foot forward and up, for half the step, and then forward and down, until it hits P1…

now as for doing it…

Never mind, did it using servo motions :slight_smile:
Walking rag doll now, gracefully walks forward, and down slopes, need work on turning left/right and walking uphill,
but I am happy :slight_smile:

maybe change your thread name from “help” to something that is actually relevant to what you want help with :stuck_out_tongue:

i not understand what should be P1.5

but you can found the middle point in this way :

p1 = vector1
p2 = vector2

midPoint = (p1 + p2) / 2

#then add some value to the z axis to the midPoint
someValue = 0.5
midPoint.z += somevalue

is “someValue” that is not clear… it can be a number constant or variable .
if you want a variable it can be :

p1 = vector1
p2 = vector2

midPoint = (p1 + p2) / 2

#then add some value to the z axis to the midPoint
someValue = (p2-p1).magnitude / 2
midPoint.z += somevalue

Now the issue of the moment, is how to use torque to have the rigid body stand, instead of using the dynamic “center of mass”
I need to get the angle, and the further past the “tipping” point, the more the head leans that way, Here is my rig, at the moment until it is done it is for education only, I will donate the whole rig Creative Commons when done, but for now it is no share, no profit, feel free to edit and dissect,
you are allowed to direct people here to get the rig,

So help?
I will release full use-age when I feel it is ready, and we already have a game running , funding development of the bge, and getting the people who developed the game money,
All contributions will be considered, and are the proplerty of there respective submitters,
the person who comes up with the best solution will be entitled to a portion of the credit in the game, as well as a portion of the funds,

at this point It is 50% split two ways, and I am donating 12% of my cut to the best BGE dev team we ALL decide on (the forum)
I need one other coder/engineer/designer and I am bringing in a sketch artist, so

that is
Me-Writer/Coder/Ruff Design/Enineering/Game Design
Akira_B-Consulatant/Artist/Modeler/Texture artist
Joeseph-Sketch artist, mechanic, engineer, and storyboard

so that means 25% for each of us, for the ad revenue, with the mutual agreement to release all code to open source after all goals are met,

So will it be you?

here is the rig that needs love :slight_smile:
Alt-Walk cycle
Q step(buggy)
E step(buggy)
WSAD- Lean Head
z - torque left
c - torque right

I need Z and C to steer in a reliable manner, I think another type of walk cycle is needed, so
get to work!
I have to finish with the level and character design, components, level pieces, and enemies…

Position is NO longer available

Team will talk about any future additions and we will post them on this thread


RigGag2b.blend (562 KB)

Position filled

more to come soon

Newest progess