I don’t know if this is the appropriate place to post a question like this but i hope it is. Here is the issue. I want to make games, ive got the programs like unity 3d and maya. But heres the catch. I have the STUDENT version of maya and id rather not get a lawsuit from autodesk for illegally selling things from the student version. So, i switched to blender. I used the preset maya and i fine tuned some other controls to my liking. But i have two issues. Im on a macbook pro. So when i use the trackpad and use two fingers and move it forward it pans instead of zooming. So theres that. My other problem is i dont want to pan using alt mmb, but i want it to be alt cmd lmb. But i’ve tried everything! I just cannot get it to work. So there are my problems (Sorry if i am just stupid im 13 and new to blender go easy on me!)

Well, you can go into User Prefs/Input and tick Emulate 3 Button mouse. Then alt+LMB rotates and shift+MMB pans the camera. If you’re using a mouse pad, I highly recommend getting a little 3 button mouse. You can find a wireless one for about $20. Well worth the investment and way more intuitive. The Maya settings are probably different, but getting a mouse will help with control issues. And the place for your next interface question should be placed in the Basics and Interface section of Support. Just scroll down on the main page to find it. Welcome to the forum by the way.


Well actually i have a mouse. But i don’t want to use it all the time. Plus i don’t like option cmd mmb because i’m not used to it. I would just like an answer on how to change the controls on how to pan from opt mmb, to opt cmd and lmb

Just a note that pinch = zoom, two finger scroll = rotate/orbit and two finger scroll + shift = tracking/moving. I use a MacBook Pro too and every now and then forget to bring my mouse with me to a coffee shop. Good luck.

One more thing. I actually recommend against using Maya keyboard layout. The issue is that all the training available to Blender is only available for Blender keys. So when someone says, “Hit W and pick subdivide”, it will put you in move mode. That will make it much more difficult to learn your way around. I recommend using a combination of Maya navigation style and learning the basic Blender hot keys and going from there. This way, Blender will seem less alien but you will still be able to learn using all the regular Blender resources.

Here’s some to get you started: While in Edit mode, ctrl-V is the vertex menu, ctrl-F for face/polygon menu, crtl-E for the edge menu and W for the “Specials” menu will get you most of the basic modeling commands. There’s also this great tutorial:

Here’s another good resource for Blender Beginners: