I have empty spaces in my soccerball and i dont knwo how to fill them.
Tell me how to do it or fix it for me please.

focilabda.blend (845 KB)

AT minimum, you need to post screenshots which show the problem, or even better, a ~.blend file.


I uploaded them.

Ok i uploaded them

The screenshot helps, but I’m still not completely certain what the problem is. The two most likely possibilities I see at the moment are that the open spaces occur at places where two parts of the mesh are not joined together, or alternatively, that they are joined together, but that the normals on the faces where they join are not oriented in the correct direction.


My goodness. you have deleted a loop of faces around that white hexgon. Go into edge select, and select opposing edges, two at a time, and press F. Blender will fill in a face between those two edges. There are add on tools (I think F2) that might be faster, but will take longer to learn than just jumping in and doing it.

Once you have it fixed, investigate Add Ons for modeling. There are several that can save a lot of time, but the best time to learn them is when you don’t have a crisis on your hands.

Also, “Help” is probably the worst title you could give when you need help. It does nothing to attract blender users who might understand your problem because no one has any idea what your problem is. If you had titled your post something like: “I need to fill in empty spaces in my mesh” with a screenshot, of course, you would have had an answer hours ago.