Dear all,
I dont know , is this a right place to ask…as shown in the image…i cant find the property panel in the tool self (I used cylinder here)…i am working in my this project since few days. it was there at first…but now where is it hidden…please anyone know how ? .

You mean this one?

That’s only visible on adding the primitive into the scene. Primitive meshes don’t stay parametric forever in Blender, so, if you missed your chance to change the values right after adding the object, you will either have to manually edit the geometry to your liking or add a new primitive with the desired parameters.

yes that one…i know that its visible only while adding the objects , and its parameters go away after going into edit mode…but in this particular blend file only…whatever i add, like cylinder, circle or even sapling addons tree curve, nothing appears…:slight_smile:

and i am using blender 2.71…i think during my work i did something wrong or …is it bug :slight_smile: ?

If you look at the bottom of the properties panel, there is a tiny “+” sign. Click it and drag it upwards, and you will find your hidden settings :slight_smile:

thank you so much Wega…there it is …:slight_smile:

No problem :slight_smile: