Hey guys, i-m having some problems with this ilustration, first, the floor is just too flat, second, the liquid looks awful and third i can-t or don-t know how to make the ice-cream more shiny, like an ice melting under the sun, any tips, tutorials or suggestions? I-m kind of stuck. Thanks in advanced!


as for the ground you’d need true displacement, so that the liquid can ‘permeate’ between its bulges.

Ice cream has to be very glossy, just as water is, that means roughness ~0.0; I would go with adding (not mixing) the glossy shader to the diffuse with a Fresnel factor.

And… SubSurfaceScattering for both, solid and liquid ice-cream.

I wish I could give more accurate directions but i haven’t been using cycles for a while.


I love the concept… the slow death of an ice cream bar. :cool:

Thanks Paolo! great advice! This is the last render for now, but i-ll keep working on a true displacement for the floor. It-s amazing how much render time the subsurf takes, but, the results are definitely better. I know, there is a water mark in my liquid texture, and the solid and liquid ice cream are not mixing at all, but hey, I-ll keep on working! thanks a lot!

It’s far better now!

if you would mean it to be more water-ice, it should do some experiments with transparence and with the scale of SSS.
If I got it right, you are going to change the ground again, however I’d suggest anyway to deepen the liquid a bit into the ground plane, so to better simulate its cohesion to the floor.

And I would try and lower the saturation a bit.

Keep up the good work!


Is there a watermark in the melted ice cream?

Guys, hello again, let me ask you, do you know how to improve the materials on this one? maybe is the lighting, or maybe the model, anyway, it just doesn[t look realistic to me, or not realistic enough. Any ideas will be appreciated.

I will upload the blend file in the near future, so you will be free to check it out, i-m sure that more than one of you will be able to help me, thanks a lot in advanced.

There’s a blender guru tutorial on a jerry can that might be helpful with that pole. Making it less uniform and giving it some rust.

It seems to me that you plug the bump or normal map to the vector input in glossy and diff? maybe a lower strenght can get rid of those “bursh-painted-strokes” on the ice cream, and avoiding tangents, you can google “tangent art” to undestandiut better. I love the face of the ice cream.