helped with import textures from makehuman to blender 2.70

hi all, I have a problem to import a human’s model from make human 1.0 alpha 6.0 to blender 2.70.

so, I have went to the files /userspreferences/ and I able the “addons” mhx extension to run in blender right?
well then I went to the “addons” again and I able the file box and the auto python scripting. but when I go to the 3d view in blender I can not import the image from makehuman which default folder is located C:\Users\blahblah\Documents\makehuman\exports\ so, this is the next error

"Error when loading MHX file
wrong MHX version
expected MHX 1.16 but loaded file has vertion MHX 1.04
You can disable this error message by deselcting the
enforce vertion option when importing. better :
export the MHX file again with updated vertion of makehuman
the most up-dated vertion of makehuman is the rightly build "

so my question are : i have vertion 1.0 alpha 1.6 of make human? so which is the real vertion? the 1.0 and 1.6 is the alpha? is not like a trial vertion, i have dowloaded a trusted page. but… how can i fix and import the image . thanks to all.:rolleyes: