Helper bone problem

I have a model ported from xenoverse 2. It has helper bones and apparently removing them causes problems with the model. Cause the shoulder clips when I moved the one bone after reweight painting it. A friend who looked at the original fbx told me that the data deleted causes problems.

So I was wondering if there was a way to safely remove them so they dont cause problems when deleted

This could be a little fiddly - but should be possible.

When you say ‘helper’ bones I assume you either mean ‘correction bones’ or ‘control bones.’

  • In either case you need to select these and look at how they are parented (if at all) and what bones they connect to or control. Then when you remove them make sure any broken connections are fixed.

  • Also make sure the bones have the correct orientation. You can go to the viewport and view axis to see what way your bones are pointing. E.g. All arm bones should all be pointing in the same direction.

  • Another way to check this is in edit mode > select all bones > and in front view select (select 1) > shift N > (align) > View axis (see image). But be careful as this re-orientation can screw up the entire mesh and you will need to fix each bone after you have done this. So make sure you have a backup saved (or you can also ‘undo’ after you have aligned if you want to try another way).

Well they were named helper bones.

But I did remove them but according to a guy whose been helping me with this sort of thing told me that removing the helper seems to cause a current clipping problem. Apparently it could be better than the progress I have already made. I’m hopeing if I could just somehow merge the bones, combine their data then it’ll make things so much easier

It’s difficult for me to say more - if you’re happy to share the model I can have a quick look and may be able to offer some more help.

one workaround could be exporting to an obj and then re-importing it.

They are correction bones from what I can see, but I would suggest keeping these as correction bones are added to help the mesh deform in a better way. Saying that I deleted the correction bones I could and it’s still deforming fine. - See the video capture.

Also see the image example where one of the correction bones is selected and it does have some weight painted data associated with it. In the blend file I deleted this correction bone.

Also, this character has 4 different armatures which can make things tricky when updating any of the bones. If you want to delete all the correct bones I would suggest just starting from scratch and re-rig this character with just one armature! :slight_smile:

I had to zip the blender file as it was too big to upload. (1.2 MB)

Do I have to delete ALL of it? I prefer to keep the face,hair and tail bones. If removing all of them will undo the damage delete the correction bones cause then i’d be willing to use the default human rig and see how that works.

But is there really no other way? I cant combine the bones that they are working with so all the data goes into one bone for each limb?

You can delete all the bones apart from the face and hair and then join them up with new bones for the rest of the body. You would need to redo some of the weight painting for this. But just make sure to keep a backup in-case something goes wrong.

It also really depends on how much animation you want to do with this model.

I also forgot to mention that this armature does not have a final rig or any IK or FK which makes animation much easier. Have a look at this character - It has IK and also a final rig (basically a final rig is where bones are hidden or replaced with custom shapes - so everything looks pretty).

My goal is just to get it enough so it looks good. I dont want anything too fancy, just enough that it works.