Helping out a total noob !

Hey guys !

So this is my first post on this forum. I have been browsing Youtube for the past day and I saw a video made by Andrew on how to make an airplane. I downloaded blender and I have been stuck for the past 10 min at the very begging.

The problem is whenever I try to adjust the cylinder shape the whole lenght of the airplane shrinks a bit as you can see on the 3 pictures I’ve attached below. It is really weird because I am only adjusting the thickness of the airplane so why does it have an affect on lenght ? My question may be really really stupid but you have to know I haven’t touched a program similar like blender never in my life.

Thank you so much for the help !


Highly recommended to watch all of those before making anything. The answer to your question is also in there.

Pressing (S) to scale will scale every axis of the selection. You need to press (S) > (X, Y or Z) to lock scale to once axis.

You can also exclude an axis if you want to scale along 2 axis like so (S) > (Shift+ X, Y, Z), the axis you choose will be excluded.