Helpless warp artifacts


I’m pretty new to blender, but I manage to solve most problems.

I’m having a problem, that I’m already trying to solve for 2 weeks and i can’t find it.
Although I’m sure that is less than a minute work to solve for a blender expert !

I’m making a intro for my scouting group based on the famous ’ universal ’ intro
( based on the tutorial )

The problem are artifact on the text, when it turning !

I looked at the warp info on and tried to lower text resolution before making it curves > mesh
Also tried the oposite, tried Subdivide, smooth, all mesh tools, …

Because a picture says more than a thousand word; a screen off the problem:
(click for the bigger screenshot)

The blend file can be downloaded here (no wait for rapidshare)

If somebody would want to take 5 minutes of his time to put me in the right direction …

Already a big thx !

Sorry 4 the bad english and hoping it’s in the right sub-fourm !

I think my promblem is similar to

Hmm. One thing I noticed while checking your .blend was that the o-letters have their faces going in a bit bad direction, I think. the bad lines are probably caused because a face can not bend if it has no vertices to let it bend. here’s a picture:


Hi armando,

Thx for looking into my problem.
You are right about the problem, changing the text (font) to curve to mesh does a nasty job. It’s most obviuous at the O’s, but also the G and other complex letters have the problem.

I tried to make the resolution less , wich reduces the polygones ( text less beautiful) --> in that case I can join the triangles from the O’s, making them less complex and solving the problems for the O’s; but the other text is still to complex; for example the G still has to many faces/polygones.

is there a way to convert text to mesh in a better way ?
Can you join multiple faces to 1 flattened face ?


As I knew that my problem is somewhat the same as , I’m following that too !

The suggested sollution by B65ISP worked perfect for me !
Selecting all and pressing ALT-F few time. (alt-f = Beauty Fill function )
It recalculated the mesh madde by the text convertion to a more regulare one !

thx both for helping !