Helsinki Library

This is a project I’m wrapping up…I’ve looked at it for too long so I need some fresh opinions. Any and all C&C appreciated.


it is really great!
maybe one idea…pavement gaps could be more visible

Looks really good.
I would be a bit concerned about driving to this place after dark though - no street lights or any lights around the driveways or the entrance to what must be the under-ground car-park.

As for the render - it’s really neat looking.

Do you want opinions about the building itself or opinions about the picture as a computer generated image? In my opinion it is excellent work as a cg-image. About the building design I can’t say much because I’m not an architect. Somehow, however, it brings in my mind Duo -shopping center in Hervanta, Tampere. What softwares did you use?

@ bohy: thanks for the tip, I’m assuming you mean the creases in the pavers on the sidewalk?
@ anuraag: I will definitely be adding those street lamps! Things like that are the exact reason I make these posts. Thanks.
@ Juha: I’m just looking for CG tips or opinions, I wasn’t the architect for this project. It was modeled in Blender, rendered in Octane, and post-processed in Photoshop.

Thanks for the suggestions/opinions,

yes I mean;) it is only texture or every paver modeled?maybe use some displacement texture

Thanks everybody for your input. The added detail with the streetlamps and foreground pavers were a great improvement to the final image. The detail with the pavers really made it more intimate. As for the street lamps, I added overheads on the far right sidewalk with their base hidden in the shrubs, and an array of shorter lamps along the entire left curb.

I can’t upload the final renders until mid Nov. per my client’s request, but I will update this thread at that time so you can see the final result.

Thanks again for your insights,