hem...big kinfe


a quick image done for a friend of mine.
i know it lack some kind of brackness on the wall near the blade, but i’m pretty happy so far
i’ve used the blender render engine if you mind

You should add some more taper near the edge so that it looks sharper. Otherwise its great. :slight_smile:

The wall is very good

The ‘knife’ handle is good. Blade model needs tweaking, not only what already said, but also around the hole, where I have the impression of a ridge which should not be there…

furthermore blade lloks plastic, not steel :slight_smile:



little update on geometry, no tweaked material 4 now

wow great so far.

i really like the whole mood conveyed by the image.

where the blade enters the wall, however, could use a bump map or a displacement map. Or just model so crumple. right now it looks too flat even with the texture

Reading the thread through…

i really like the whole mood conveyed by the image.

Man, that is some mood. Really really rough week, perhaps…

Tell me if I’m missing something here, but would a little blood on the blade be out of place or “over the top”?

Nice attention to the environment -


Dude, being a chef yourself you should know how the occasional pork chop can get away from you and how frustrating that can be! heh, heh…

Nice work
you should add some blood on the blade as well :stuck_out_tongue:

very nice pic! material dont looks metalic,and blade need to be sharper.
light and mood is great!

Pork has NEVER gotten away from me. Pork is also a way to remove frustration, never a source of.

Yeah, I have to agree… that blade could use some mirroring. And here is a really nitpicky one that drives the proud artist crazy when they hear it… what about a few nicks in the edge of the blade? Sharp edge marred by something (unnamed) which violently marred that otherwise pristine surface…

But again, I like the scene, love the atmosphere, and just a few tweaks should make it look like a bar-room fight gone horribly horribly wrong.


Looks great but surely it would fall down considering how little blade is stuck in the wall?