Hemiball 2 (game engine screensaver)

[edit] I updated the .zip to include all .dll files you may need [/edit]

Right in 2001 I created a screensaver called the Hemiball.
It was basicly just a video file published through some special software.

I’ve always kept my eye open for options using the blender game engine.
Apparently there has been a windows screensaver export available since 2.36 thanks to Raymond Penner (who kindly explained how it worked to me).

In blender 2.42 the runtime export doesn’t work too well (in the official release), but Genscher was extremely helpfull and provided me with a custom version of the blenderplayer, which basicly does exactly what I want. Many thanks to him… he’s been a great help!

So here’s my first game engine screensaver (windows only I think).
Click the image below here to download a .zip of 3.6MB with the screensaver in it.


Unzip to any folder (make sure that pthreadGC2.dll, python24.dll and SDL.dll are also in that folder)
To install right click on hemiball2.scr and select install.

You can move your camera around the hemiball using your arrow keys.
You can exit the screensaver by pressing either Esc or your space bar.

Intructions and license can also be found in the included ReadMe.txt file.


good job, i like this screen saver a lot.

how do I make my PC play it as a screensaver?


mpan3 thanks

jacco read the post above or the readme.txt file as it says in the post above.

works good and looks good,but as with most screen savers on my computer it winds up the fans. I have onboard graphics and I don’t like to tax my comp when I am not rendering some some shiny ball or cube.:slight_smile: Nice work on getting a screen saver to work.

wow, thats pretty nice…

where did you find the screensaver exporter?

Stella, read this: http://www.blender.org/cms/Blender_2_36.384.0.html
In the Game engine bit the screensaver functionality is mentioned.
Here’s the original patch: http://projects.blender.org/pipermail/bf-committers/2004-November/008491.html

But my version is different since the preview in the version in 2.42 is incorrect and mine allows use of keys, in the regular release it exits on any/every keyboard/mouse action.

ah, thank you very much :smiley:

Sorry, I didn’t read the whole post and directly went downloading.

it worked out.