Sometimes you are visited by an idea. And then it must be gently laid onto a piece of paper.

And, already, I did harm it. In the beginning there was only a block of concrete and the vegetation. And then the other hemisphere said “unbalanced”, “boring”, “needs more human elements”, “oh, bad composition”.

Well, it’s the start of a journey. I hope the idea is forgiving and communicative. :wink:

And looking at it something whispered “make the whole thing a sphere - and forget all the rest”. And again the other hemisphere said “keep the sharp and rigid edges”. :o

Admittedly pompous opening post, but the day was long and busy and unpleasant and I’m tired :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice idea @minoribus - I shall watch with interest!

I need some trees for one scene with Maja on her horse, so I will be watching how you get on here, I might even be asking for some ideas to model the trees.

Bad days happen, modelling in Blender is a good way to get over them.

Cheers, Clock.

Thanks, Clock!

Currently I consider to sculpt the trees and to do a retopo. Modeling them or using one of the available tree addons is an option too. The tree crowns must have a certain silhouette, therefore I’ll have to explore a suitable method.

And yes, doing something creative in Blender, even if is is a simple material study, is very relaxing. :slight_smile:

Here is another quick sketch. Much more on the lines of hemispheres. Still the whole silhouette should be more spherical.

For the buildings (the blocks in the sketch) I think of something archaic, like a pueblo or maybe a medieval village. I’m not decided yet about how much of detail I should add. I do want some human artifacts at the transition of the sphere and the vegetation. But it should not turn up too cluttered.

And I think that I should break the line between the sphere and the vegetation with some buildings and some vegetation that crosses this line.


Looking forward to see where you go with this Minoribus. Curious as to what the outer portion of sphere will me made of?