Hemp and Poplar Chair

Hemp and Poplar Chair

Hey everyone, this is my first WIP posted. I have a few projects for school, but don’t usually end up rendering them. This is a project for a Green Technology class. It has to use sustainable materials, and i have chosen poplar, and hemp fabric (the red part) upholstery. I will fabricate this myself in the next couple weeks. Actually, there may be more design changes before then.

Again, I use Blender for visuallizing projects and presenting them, and rarely do very complicated renderings or scenes. This has OSA 8, no AO, simple pro textures. Comments on the design of the chair, and also on the modelling/rendering technique are acceptable, please?


I like it so far… I have 2 crits.

Model: The chair arms just stick out of the seat. In my opinion there needs to be something at the point where they meet. Just a subtle seam or something. Right now that is detracting from the models realism.

Rendering: You may have set the OSA level to 8 but did you push the actual OSA button to turn it on? I ask because I’d bet $10 that this render does not have anti-aliasing turned on.

Anyway good work… I really like the material you have on the seat cushion.

if this is a technical mock-up of your chain that you plan to actually make in RL then I’d be very worried when trying to sit in it. Looks like anyone with any weight would snap the entire chair in an instant. There needs to be a few more supports in place and as BGog said, the arms need some work as well they would not simply come though the seat like that, and if they did then show the hole in which it does and how it’s fassoned to the seat for support.

Hi all, i have been working on this project for the last two weeks, i suppose i should update!

Here is the final style of design for the chair:

Still in progress of finishing the renderings, scene, Flash documents, etc. But I will tell you that the chair is finished being built!! Soon i can show you the actual chair, and maybe at some point some more of my process.

Thats what its all about!

I assure you that the wood is unoiled at the time and doesn’t really have that texture, but it does look that white when under a bright light! It has been a good project, i must say cheers!

One more thing: this chair was designed by using a softbody to behave as 1/8" plywood. That way i could conserve the 4 foot dimension of the lumber, and maintain the shape of the pieces. Some day you’ll see more, i promise.


Hi all, I know this type of thread doesn’t draw too much attention, but i thought it would be nice to share with you my creation!

Here is my final rendering of my chair:

I am happy how it turned out, except for the visible edges, ive tried everything to correct it, but its not that important at this point.

Here is a photo of the physical chair. Trust me this thing is super comfortable. I am really happy how it turned out. Still needs many coats of poly or something:

And a closeup, high contrast shot of the connections:

Okay, a quick shot of the back of the chair:

Again, this project was for a class called Green Technology. The idea was to eliminate as much waste as possible while producing some sort of project. People typically build some sort of furniture in the class. The cost to build this was around 200USD for materials, 100+USD for tools, and hours and hours of my own time lol…

Lastly, I made a flash website demonstrating the process involved in making this chair. There were softbody animations that i did in Blender3d to produce these shapes properly. Also the forms i built weighted about 60 Lbs each (made 6 of them, lugging them around was a bitch). You really need to just see the flash site. However, i have no clue where i can host it. I dont’ have my own online site, but i do have a .swf file if anyone is interested, let me know!


btw i got an A, yes!!!

Looks like an industrial design project. Very nice job! Although i would like to see a render look like the final project. You could use the chair for a scene. 60 pound pieces? How heavy is the chair? 200 pounds?

Okay finally, here is my Flash Documentation. It is just a .swf file, so it should open up in Macromedia Flash Player 8. Make sure you have that version or else it won’t work.

greenTechPresFinal.swf (~0.68 Mb):

Please, any feedback, i know of one bug in the presentation, but it irons itself out if you keep playing around wiht the different buttons and stuff. Thanks a lot.

By the way, since Flash is vector based, i recommend openning in Flash Player 8 and then maximizing it, so you can read the text!