Henry Higgins [Now with Hair(tm)!]

After seeing some incresed interest in my cartoonish character model I figured I ought to post my current project as an excuse for not working on it for so long.

After post Hugh on CGTalk I was contacted about modeling for a theatre project to animate portions of the George Bernard Shaw play, Pygmallion. I am modeling the character of Henry Higgins (whom Broadway fans may recognize from My Fair Lady).

Once I have finished this I plan to get back to modeling Hugh and company.

A rotation of the model as it stands now.

I’ll post some stills later today when I get a chance.

Ok, here is a slight update. Mostly to post something so that the only thing up is not a 5.5 meg .mov file.

3DNP Rotation (1.4MB)

The model looks amazing and detailed! Will he have ears?

Astonishing! No wonder you got a contract ^^

He will get ears in the future, I just usually leave those until last because, well, ears are hard.

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Clean3D, I dont necessarily agree with you that the body is hard to tell what style is being used. And I don’t think that having to make the legs small or any part of the body extremely disproportionate makes it cartoony and that’s the only way. I like ther style here and is quite unique to Alistair’s work, and is quite easily seen that it is not super-realistic.

Alistair, The only thing at this point that I can see that does not look right is that he is wearing a bo-tie but that there is no collar to go with it, or, did I just not understand the mesh and it’s actually tied to his skin and the collar is opened wide on his chest, 'cause it looks as if the shirt is hanging out of his (soon to be) pants but under the vest. Perhaps that was mislooked, or like the ears, something you plan to come back to. Other then that there is a bit of tightness on the forearms of the jacket that looks odd but everything else is great! Keep it up.

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Hatchi matchi, it’s been a while since I posted last. Finally got back to finishing this up (or working on doing so), and now am left with just over a week to put the finishing touches on as well as texturing.

Here is Henry with his opera cape and top hat:
Rotation (1.3MB)

And some close ups of his ear and shoes:

In regards to the cartoony-ness of the model I am going for a more subdued look because in the scene he will be used for he is not the main focus. The audience will be focusing more on Eliza for the scene as she enters the ball. While we are referencing The Incredibles (which I would argue is either the best, or second best American animated film of all time [along with Iron Giant]) think of the background characters, most of them are distinctly cartoony, but still much less disproportinate.

Some more quick updates

Full shot with textures (if you close your eyes you can imagine him with hair)

Close up of the bow tie and vest

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UV Maps for the vest, bow tie and pants, everything else is procedural at the moment though I plan to UV map the hat to give it more of a silk look rather than the velvety fell it has now.

I see. Either way, very good work.

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Nice looking work here, Alistair. Too bad about not being able to finish the spectacular entry, though. It was coming together nicely.

You know, I was actually contacted also about joining the project. I think it was more for a very, very minor character (the man and woman joined together). Mostly it was due to my WC entry Once upon a time that the director saw on cgtalk that prompted him to contact me.

Can’t wait to see the final production!

Finally added hair using Blender 2.40, man that is a nice system.


Have you turned on ztransp, as it seems that your hair still aliases badly. Apparantly that makes this better, though it does slow down the renders.


I don’t think there are any aliasing problems. The jagged areas around the hair are created just by the random direction and the white background showing through. I could be wrong, though.

Is it just me, or is his skin a little pale?

Thanks for pointing that out, I had completely forgotten about ztransp. It took about 7 min more to render but it does look better.