Henry's old WIPs - New Video

A few years ago I tried to use BGE. I stil think its great software and I finally decided it’s time to review some of the things I’ve done.

Here is a video link to my first video where I will review my BGE projects, and what is left of them.
In the video I talk about the remnants of one of my first BGE game versions where you shoot bullets with fantasy characters.

I have a turn based system which is fun to look back on, as well, and that will be another video I link.

Let me know if you are interested more in seeing anything in particular as far as design goes.
I haven’t scripted in BGE or python for a while, so as far as specifics go, if anyone is asking questions about code I’ll probably be only able to help with general ideas.

As far as resource creation goes in Blender, I would definitely be able to talk about it.
I have a pretty particular method for creating things I need in Blender that I can explain.

== Turn based battle game (New video!)

== Shoot game:

There are time stamps in the description.
Turn your volume down because the volume does not fade in.

Great video…I like this characters and animations are beautiful
…what version of Blender you used for this projects?

This was made using Blender 2.70
Thank you for the compliments!