Hep exporting sound from VSE in 2.53

Apologies if this has already been posted anywhere but how do I export a sound file from the VSE? I can’t find a menu option or button anywhere, I checked the wiki but this section hasn’t been written yet.

Also on the topic of sound strips in 2.53, can I still stereo-pan the sound? I don’t seem to have an option for this on the strip properties any more.

Thanks for any help with sound editing in 2.53 :RocknRoll:

title should be Help not Hep :o

As far as I know there’s no option for exporting audio strips other then rendering with sound. To render with sound go to the rendering panel (F10) and select FFMpeg as output. You’ll notice an “audio” tab will appear.

In Blender 2.4x it was possible to use the mixdown option in the audio panel so as to create a separate audio file when rendering. As far as I can tell, this is presently not possible in 2.5x.
If you want to export the sound from a video project you’ve created in the VSE simply mute the video strip(s) and render out to a video container format. This will only render the audio and will be pretty fast. You might then use Avidemux or ffmpeg to extract the audio.

Thanks for the advice guys - will struggle on, but seems a shame these options are being taken out :frowning:

Choose FFMPEG in render output, which is incorrectly named as ‘MPEG’, choose ‘wav’ as the format, choose ‘PCM’ as audio codec, choose sample rate etc, set the path to save the wav to, hit the animation button, it’ll render the video but only save the wav. :slight_smile:

Eliminate rendering of video sources, just add a temporary colour strip above your video strips.