Her Maiden Flight

This is my newest piece.

Render Time:~3-4 hours
Renderer: Cycles, BI for rotors and clouds

Its the Boeing 314 Clipper “Good Ol’ Suzanne”.
Thanks to Dennis Haupt for rendering the Cycles part on his computer :wink:

[<img src=’/uploads/default/original/4X/8/5/8/858003bf83c3ceb806a953e107285d63d64c6065.png’)

Please tell me what you think.


looks good

WOW :open_mouth: I really like it, and you’ve done this in just under 3 days O.O awesome!

Very good work, I really liked it specially the uhmm, what is the name of it in english??? well the “Helices”, eheheh, aniway great work!

Thanks, im glad you like it. :slight_smile:

Wow… It looks amazing :slight_smile:
I realy like how you textured it
The material makes it look even more detailed.
And light setup fits to the scene
Well done ;D

Great job. I made a very quick check against blue prints and it looks really good ( yes, I can be neurotic at times ).
What prompted me was the apparent wingtip washout. Is it there or is it just the lighting? I don’t see it in the blue prints.
How did you do the clouds? There seems to be an odd color shift between the ones in front and the ones in back.
I hope you find my comments / questions useful. Someday I hope to be as good.

Washout means the wing is not at a constant angle from body to wingtip.
See: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washout_(aviation)

I noticed because I used to build models.

I love it! Are the windows designed or textured though?

How did you get the Blender Logo to be the nose art of the plane?

You may enjoy…