Her Majesty's Zeppelins

Holy crap! This looks incredible!

A piece of art. I like the steampunk design

That looks pretty badass, to be honest. Gives a nice feel of power from the zeppelins.

Excellent piece of work! Very epic! =D

piece of work! Very epic! =D

wow, impressive work!!!

This is beautiful! It definitively looks like a scene from an animated movie. How long did it take you to build?

Amazing work, hope that one day I can come up with something like this! :smiley:

wow very nice render !!

Wow! You really deserves that prize thats like the most amazing thing I have ever seen! :eek:

This beauty is still getting replies, amazing. Congratulations on a fine work of art Gleb.

This is very impressive… Pinned this to my inspiration board.

Amazing. 4 days render? That’s insane, but totally worth it.

Black and white looks really good on it

awsome work

like wow, captured me immediately :spin:

Absolutely Brilliant!

Really imaginative, love the image …nice layout!

One of the best pieces I’ve seen here :slight_smile:

Whoa! Never thought, Zeppelins could be that cool! (Not mentioning the band)