Herbert the Frog (Updated with video)

So this is my first 3d model ever. I pretty much created him while learning the software. (eyes I did from the tutorial off the main page) I kind of like him and would like to animate him but I’m thinking that the model is pretty much animation unfriendly.

I modeled him by creating a basic profile from a circle and then ectruding it. I then dup/mirrored it and just started molding by tugging on the virticies with proportional editing on.

I know I’ll probably have to redo him before animating. I’d LOVE any pointers you may have on how I could improve my modeling technique. There seems to be some particular problems near the corners of the mouth where it’s all stretched out.

I also get a strange effect when I do a “SetSmooth”. Weird lines show up you can see them in the last image.

Anyway thank for helping. I can post more closeup images if it would help.

Here are the pics:

The whole model:

The problematic mouth:


Odd lines when I do “SetSmooth”

This isn’t bad at all for a first model. The wierd lines after smoothing can be fixed by going into edit mode, selecting all the vertices, and pressing Ctrl + N to recalculate the normals. The corners of the mouth look stretched out because the is a big jumble of vertices close together. The closer together the vertices are, the more defined of a ridge they produce. I probably would have started with a cube and subsurfed instead of using a circle. To animate the head it would probably be easiest to use RVKs. The modeling isn’t bad. Oh, and try to remove the doubles by pressing W, Remove Doubles. That should get rid of the ridge down the center of the face. Hope this helps.

great work man super if you want to remove those lines go into edit mode (so you can see the verticies dots) and press crtl-n thats great for a first go but like most people on there first go you seem to have to many verticies if you use sub surface in the right way you can over come this problem

an experienced modeler is able to model without haveing to many polys at al and still get amazing rezults

apart from that its alot better than my first work and evan some i do now

and og yes i almost forgot welcome to the hood

wire frame

actual render

I wish I could model like that… :stuck_out_tongue:

yep, just cut down on the number of polys and the whole thing will be much easier to control. try using subsurf, and less faces. there’s a tutorial in my signature that is not terribly old that you can check out for some ideas on how to control that badboy.

Aiden: Referring to the wireframe a couple of posts above this, how do you get one quad to split into two quads above the eyes like that? Do you just let the two faces below be “disconnected” in the center from the one above?

Sorry for the semi- off topic question.

–Al Evans

That lightbulb guy is cool! I got to see that finished, looking like a real person. That would be freaky.

You need to do some Luminous Human Skin on that, with the lightbulb turned on.

Quick TUT on SSS, for skin…


Check this out, is this REAL or a rendering???
Image (f), I believe is the final rendering.

Light bulb man doesn’t look like blender. Especially since I see polygons and blender doesn’t support polygons to my knowledge. But it is awesome, did you really make that Aidan?

BGog: As said above there are too many vertices. So you started from a circle? That is cool. Since he has human features check out this tutorial on facial modelling. The object you are modelling is different in shape but the ideas for animation are the same. The key that I think you want to study is edgeloops. Anyways, here is the tut I was talking about:


Try to re-model him using fewer vertices and incorporating better edgeloops. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your helpful info!!!

So I now understand the idea of edge loops but I’m still a little fuzzy on how you create/maintain them as you work with the model. What if you need a slightly higher density in an area? Arn’t you limited by your neighbors.

I basically needed to increase the quad density in an area but ended up having to do it for the whole model to avoid loads of nasty triangles.

Anyway the tips have been very helpful. I’ll give it another try and see how it goes.

Thanks again!

No, I don’t think he made that.

The image is hotlinked from CGNetworks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aidan: Next time you post a render which isn’t yours, make sure to say so. :wink:

I’ll give it another try and see how it goes.

Practice makes perfect :slight_smile:

Other than what has been previously mentioned, I’ll let you know one note about subsurfing. While it’s an excellent, excellent tool… the one thing you have to avoid is triangles. I think I can see some in the wires you posted, and they can cause weirdness in your mesh when subsurfed.

Other than that, and what has already been mentioned, it’s an excellent model for your first work. Very good job with the mesh.


your frog is interesting, but you used tooo many polygons, you should use less and subsurf maybe higer level (if needed)

I warmly encourage you to start over, it is easier than fixing your current model.

Aidan You have hijacked this thread, by posting that image (which is totally irrelevant to BCog question… as you may notice most posts after yours are reply to you , not to BCog.

THis is not fair.


sorry guys i thought i did mention that the light bulb man was done by david marh fo the mashine flesh competition at cg talk i just thought it was a good example of someone who can model well without many polys

once again im very sorry

Thanks Camel and S69, I’m going to restart him tonight using some of the suggestions and new techniques you all gave me. I’ll post him here when I have a new version.

Aidan Mr. Lightbulb is an excellent example of low poly modeling. It has actually given me some ideas on how to handle various parts of the frog.

Thanks again everyone. This was my first post on elysiun and I really appreciate how friendly and helpful everyone is!!

Ok, based on the advise you guys gave me I’ve started the remake of the frog. Below are pictures of the new lower quad-count frog.

Am I on the right track? I’d love some feedback before I dig in to complete him.

Thanks agian.



he looks much better. keep it up just like youre doing.

wow dude masive improvement your catching on well

Thanks guys!! I’ll get back to him tonight and post an update when I’m done.

You have improved a lot.
I can give you a few pointers:

  • Get to know the tools. For example the “K” key. Loop cut, knife etc.
  • Smooth (in edit NOT “set smooth”) often do wonders. It makes selected regions rounder
  • Delete a face (or faces) somewhere and select the edges of the ‘hole’. Hit E (for extrude) and ENTER right away. Scale down and you are left with an edge loop.
  • With “rotate edge” (ctrl-E) and Merge (W) you can control the flow of the edgeloops in your model.
  • Use proportional editing (O). This is nice because you can model in a very flexible way on a per vert (or more vert/edge/faces of course) basis

Search this forums for modeling tuts. You will find a lot.

It is just a technique. The rest depends on the artist in you.