here again, it's new with a man in a boat

(bverlaan) #1

here again, it’s new with a man in a boat

any comments? I would appriciate that.


(stephen2002) #2

very cartoony.

The boat does not appear to be in the water. It needs a shadow of some sort. The waterfall looks more like a large block of ice (or a marble slab) than a waterfall.

(digitalSlav) #3

make some real mesh waves around your boat so it actually looks like it’s interacting with the water. this will also solve the problem of the previous post. the waves you have bumped and the line along the boat don’t compliment each other… and a shadow would be nice as well :slight_smile:

(bverlaan) #4

how can I make some real mesh waves around my boat?
I don’t know how to do that… :frowning:

actually I havent got a good texture for my boat, so it isn’t looking very good, have you got one?

the shadows I will work on.

thanks for youre comments, both… 8)