Here comes the Live!


I will like to show my last and finished render. I used the cookie mesh Flex Rig version 1.2, to sculpt in Blender 3 babies, put them in a pool with a system simulation of water and some particles by here and there. Composition blender and photoshop, Render Cycles 500 samples.

I hope u like it

The actors:

The Inspiration/reference:

Critics are welcome, of course.


Right now the scale of the water looks unnatural. The water droplets are way too big. Maybe have a look at this tutorial?

Also, I don’t know how to put it, but the kids look quite creepy, especially in the second render. Dunno if that was intentional.

thnkx for feedback

the idea was a fisic real simulation of that 3 kids jumping into water whit 3 lowpoly mesh, following that tutorial that u mention :), the kids are on water the camera too and lights come from out. scene was done in 3 days 1 for simulation, sculpt and composition and 2 just for position of camera and lights :slight_smile:

yep probably the scale of units of water must be more litle. The bump skin is inentional , otherwise i cant see detail of skin under water.


The babies’ eyes are way too small / the heads are way too big. Try to get something rounder with eyes in the middle of the face and they’d probably be less creepy.

I found this while browsing the interwebz, it might come in handy :