here in the hole.

for a longtime now… i’ve been using blender just for workstuff, nothing really exciting… banners and logos and such…
so it’s time to catchup with blender… and try to learn the new things.

heres something.

next, how to make it move.


very good color balance

heh, thanks… i guess…


great, more like that . . .

one of the most interesting renders I’ve seen here in a while.

Yeah it’s got a disturbing and creepy element to it. Which means I like it a lot. :slight_smile:

A stop-motion animation style like vintage Tim Burton before he got lazy would be great fr this sort of thing.

I like this a lot! Can you find the time to show one or two other angles?

really cool, and original.
The “paper made” look is really well managed.
Are those details modeled or made with textures?
Would it be possible to see a wireframe?

Anyway, great job !

here is the dress i’ll be wearing later on.

thanks for the comments… it’s all modelled… like i usually do, model first, then destroy…
not much subsurfs in this one. also not much texturing, just colors. takes a a bit more time for me to learn how to do all that nodesoup with cycles. i’d like to learn how to do wireframematerials also…

i’ll see if i have more time on weekend to provide other renderings for you.

thanks again.


I love it!