Here is a crappy image

And yet you view all my images like this :x

WTF man?

You rose a little in my book for a while, but you just shot yourself in the foot.

Don’t post if you don’t want “C&C”, comments and critisism.
So shut up.

Everyone tried to be nice and give you a second chance and make some good comments.

But then you screw it up. Way to go. :-?

Democrat :<

I simply don’t believe you just said that.

I am speechless.

OOOOOOOOOOh look more crap

Just like all my other images



dude, are you ok? did you forget to take your prozac this morning or something? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I repeat:

Each time we reached out, each time you didn’t change anything. You don’t put anything in WIP, you just post images and screw yourself with stuff like this.

Maybe if you came back as a different nickname and tried again we might be more accepting. But you start out as a major spammer, then blame us for identifying you as such, then post some art work, it looks decent, we comment to say we think so, but then you post stuff that clearly shows little effort and you expect us to not try to help you improve at it, you then do stuff like this, and now you will never be able to come back. So calm down, admit that you were wrong, apologize for being an idiot, and move on. You were on the right track there for a little bit, but you need to stop whining.

do you even read what people try to say to you?

Now I put a lot of effort into putting these all together, so read them!

And i usually don’t get this pissed, but man, you really do it for me.

You make all of us teenagers here look bad. You said you are 15/16?

And you act this way in High School?

I agree. Don’t get so emotional, it’s just an online forum…

Sam, no matter what you say, he won’t learn anything. He’s just a narrow-minded kid who doesn’t know any better.

I think we should leave this thread alone and stop trying to explain things to hi m.

And i usually don’t get this pissed, but man, you really do it for me.

You make all us us teenagers here looks bad. You said you are 15/16?

And you act this way in High School?[/quote]

I myself am a republican, but I would never NEVER use “democrat” as an insult.

fine with me.

in fact, I think that an overall boycot on Kansas’s threads would be nice at this point.

Hmm… Let’s be civil now, shall we?
No hard feelings, it’s just the internet. :slight_smile:

Well, I’m an ancient old man compared to you kids. I have to admit that I’ve stuck up for Kansas a few times … before I realized what he was playing at. I will strive to give criticism and praise where I believe they should be. Being a newbie, my comments aren’t often of much use to the individual being critiqued, but sometimes I luck out and actually help somebody.

Kansas … you really should read the remarks posted here and elsewhere and burn them into your brain. Alot of people here are tired of the way you approach this art … this forum … this site … and life in general. My age does have a few advantages, one being I’ve seen this in people before. You’re on the road to some major hurts … a good time to get your act together.

If it helps any, compared to my “art” … your’s is exceptional :wink:

Alright, Kansas, if you really want to hear it, I’ll say it. All your stuff sucks. You have no skills. Quit while you’re behind.


Seriously, now, you have to learn how to take criticism. If someone tells you that something can be/needs to be improved, they’re trying to be helpful, yet you take it as an insult. Lighten up.

As of this moment, I’m in favor of a good ol’ fashioned boycott.

Yo!Is he on the crack pipie or somthing.He’s never acted like this before.

Oh and sure you’re going to get better, the quality of my images have been pretty flat with the last one for the past number of images and all of a sudden boom you’re better then you’ll think my images are crap.