Here is a scene for my short: A high school flythrough

I used some models from blend swap (the glowing vending machine, one trophy, and the musical instrument (trumpet)) . Tell me if there is anything else I should add? Please (noticed my threads have been pretty ghostly).


You have a great start here. One thing that stands out to me is the sharp edges on your geometry. It will make your scene look more realistic if you beveled those corners a bit.

I actually added some rubber stuff all over (ill add an updated image later) but for some reason the bevel doesn’t do anything to the walls possible because the walla are a very long structure. Is there any other solution to make the walls realer without using subsurf (I would have to manually go in and add extra edges (or do a median crease for all the edges). Thanks for the advise.

Oh, that’s a function to love & marry in Mental Ray - the edge shader… Just lovely to round corners in rendering rather than in the mesh. Lets keep our fingers crossed Brecht adds that to Cycles eventually. :slight_smile:

One trick that I use is to extrude a face out just a little and scale it in. That gives the beveled look and keeps the geometry low.