Here is an attempt at making a 3D explosion...

Before you say it, I know this should be in the Resource forum but it’s not finished, so I did not want to post it there till after its a little bit better.

Okay so after playing BF2 (Modern Combat), Halo 3 (and ODST) and FNV (Fallout New Vegas) I saw how there explosion look like (a little to close for me), they look like this one in my .blend.

3D_Explosion.blend (438 KB)

So here kinda what I’m needing help to do (this site is where I based what I have done so far…) so I’m needing some help in trying to make it look like the one in that site…

Hope you like! (Credit me if you use this)

Oh and to see it right, go into camera mode (might have to move the camera.)

Hrmmmm, did you pack the alpha image of the explosion? It isn’t showing up on the .blend for some reason.

That’s weird… :confused:

Anyways here is the texture:

just hit replace Image on the UV editor.

not bad , but too less the object, need to add more and more other

better make it in python with a “for”

Huh? what do you mean?

with a code script ,mean

import bge
for i in range(100):

be aware if there many special effect on the material e texture , or can be very slow

also , for the collision the triangle mesh, not know the reason , but is very slow , also for one single face o.o
I counsill a cube

hmmm so I just put this script in and name it something then add and always and a python right?

also a one keyboard sensors instead of always , in this case seem better :wink:

Okay I’ll try this as soon as I can. (Busy playing with a friend…)

Okay so I did that, didn’t see anything change texture wise, nice shards though (just lagy) other then that it was help full, thanks.