Here is just an idea!

I was thinking that yafray and blender although faster than others are still slow! so i came up with:

what about a render exporter for blender called blender64! it uses the 64bit proccessing (for amd althlon 64s!) it works just like the yafray option but renders blender using 64 bit proccessing!

what do you think?

cool, when are you ready programming??

The only way to actually use the 64 bit parts of a 64 bit CPU is to run a 64 bit version of the operating system, otherwise the CPU is just a faster 32 bit version (quite a few people run it that way though). Run a 64 bit linux or the 64 bit version of Windows (not that I would recommend using the 64 bit version of Windows, it’s missing too much atm) and you could run a 64 bit build of Blender/Yafray, which may or may not be faster, then an 64 bit optimized version of them could be created, though I’m not sure how much optimization would be applicable, outside of access to more memory.

You cannot, however, just use 64 bit code from 32 bit windows/linux, which is what a 64 bit renderer would most likely be.

It probably would’nt be a bad idea for somebody to build a 64 bit blender and test it’s performace and if they are a coder familiar with 64 bit processing look for possible improvements, but currently it’s just not a point in time to be working with 64 bit, it’s still a little on the immature side. (I have an Athlon 64, some I’m definatly not just trashing it unjustifingly)

My friend was making a case for trying to make me switch to using Macs. We have the 64bit processors but we don’t have a 64bit motherboard to run them on as well as a 64 bit operating system. Which means after they make the motherboard and the operating system will cost about $500 not including all the money for the porcessor and the motherboard. But macs supposedly already have all this. :o :-?

well it would be a good idea to start planning on designing the software (like blender4.0!) for when longhorn os comes out in 2006 or so… 64 is the future so we should be on the cutting edge to beat the competition and show off our fast rendering! any designers want to comment - broken? robert?

64 bit doesn’t mean that it will run any faster - it’s not like 32 bit x 2 = double the speed. It remains to be seen what sort of improvements may come from building an 64 bit version for, say, the G5 or Athlon 64 CPUs. but the difference will probably be quite negligible. Anyway Blender has already been ported to other 64 bit systems a while ago (SGI machines, and DEC Alpha CPUs), so it probably wouldn’t be a very difficult thing to do.

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