Here is my current WIP, the Seeker

This vehicle is inspired by the Audi A1, more specifically, by this thread; , and the terrific model made by renetto. The model has 5,016 quads so far with no interior.


very nice! promising :wink:

I removed the rear spoiler on a whim, and discovered it created a much cleaner look, so I left it off.


Here is todays work.


Overall it looks very good. There’s only one little thing that I have problems with: the space above the rear fender is somewhat convex instead of being concave (like on a new beetle). Perhaps that’s a deliberate design choice on your part, but my eye just expects it to be concave. To my taste, if the area above the rear wheel were smoother, the car would look more ‘futuristic’. In the initial render I didn’t notice this detail. It’s only after you rendered it with a paint job that it popped out at me. I guess it’s because I often have the same type of problem myself…

JohnV1960, I had designed it that way on purpose, but changed it since it looked wrong.
I am having a problem getting the background image to render on the vehicle correctly. If you look at the hood or passenger side mirror you can see the image reflection looks very wrong. I have tried View, Object, Global, Tube and spherical in the World properties, but none render correctly. Any ideas to fix the problem?


What is you scene setup? You should try a skydome and use a spherical map.

wow thats great

The fender looks much better IMO. About your question, I usually create a fake background (using planes) and assign my HDRI to the world. Like that I can adjust the HDRI image “stretch” separately from the background. I’m not sure it’s really the right way to do it as my lighting skills are frankly pretty poor, so I’m curious to see what the others will propose…

In any event, it’s looking good.

Here is todays render. It is a composit image of the raytraced anf buffered shadowed light; the raytraced doesn’t illuminate the interior, and for some reason buffered shadow won’t create shadows behind the wheels:P
I still don’t like the hood reflections, but this was the best I could do.


dude, its perfect! no, really. its like at a sunset. how do you make the background image blend inwith the foreground?

Thanks JESUSFRK14. It is really a simple scene. The screenshot should explain it for you. I have the same texture you see on the plane background used in the world settings as a background.